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Hi - I'm Julian Ziesing, solopreneur from Berlin, Germany.In 2022, I started a weekly group with four other solopreneurs to talk about our projects and support each other. We called it a Sounding Board.It has really become a type of personal campfire for me in the big ocean of the indie business world.Having a weekly call is a motivator to get going with projects. And having different skills, we give each other practical tips and feedback.What is a Sounding Board?
- A group of 3-6 solopreneurs, makers and doers who have a weekly 1h video call.
What is the purpose?
- Ideation, feedback, and encouragement: Being less alone on your entrepreneurial journey.
Sounding Board is the "campfire" between the big communities and the one-on-one friends. A circle of trust that knows you, supports you and roots for you.
Sounding Board is for you if you...
- ...are, or see a future for yourself as, a solopreneur
- ...have many ideas, not sure where to start
- ...or have started a business and want to lift it
- ...face practical challenges in your business
- ...are motivated but sometimes feel alone or intimidated
- ...appreciate the exchange with fellow solopreneurs
- to get feedback and support
- to give feedback and support others
- to build strong, honest professional relationships
Why should I join?
- To gain energy and motivation.
- To be more successful faster.
- To help others with their business.
By the way - being useful to others is underrated. It is both extremely wholesome and fulfilling, and the best way to build professional relationships.Your group can be an anchor, a campfire, and a circle of trust.To quote a Sounding Boarder: "Even introverted solopreneurs get lonely!"What is required to join?
- A one-time fee, no follow-up costs.
- Around 1 hour / week.
- A business (or idea) to talk about, and an interest in listening to others.
- It's give and get: you get out what you put in.
- The group can end after 3 months (around 12 calls) or continue going for as long as everyone likes.
Who runs the weekly calls?
- I will moderate your kick-off. In the kick-off, you will meet your group and understand how it all works.
From there on, your group meets on its own at a time that works best for everyone.I don't join the weekly calls but provide tips and support.How does the matching work?
- I group people with complementary skills, compatible time zones and at a similar stage in their entrepreneurship.
What happens in the weekly Sounding Board calls?
- Everyone gets an opportunity to share what they have been working on and what they are planning next. Everyone else can give feedback or ask questions. The interaction is where the magic happens. I explain the setup in more detail in the kick-off.
Where did the idea originate?
- I was inspired by the Working Out Loud concept and started a group of 5 in the Small Bets Community. It really made a difference for us and lifted our businesses. Many asked us how to get their group started. So over a year, I optimized the idea for solopreneurs and started offering this.
What is included in the offer?
- The matchmaking, the onboarding call, info materials as well as support for 3 months.
It fills the gap that many experience who leave full-time employment behind and no longer have a team: the gap between larger communities (like cohort-based courses or Twitter) and working solo. No boss or obligation, instead a circle of trust with people who grow with you. Purely voluntary and based on intrinsic motivation.CURRENTLY NO NEW GROUPS - THIS WEBSITE WILL BE UPDATED WHEN NEW GROUPS ARE STARTING

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